Overcome your fear of flying!

Individual coachings with an airline pilot.

What are your fears?

Over a third of passengers still suffer from a fear of flying or feel uncomfortable on an airplane.
Therefore the flight to your next holiday destination or business appointment becomes a torture.
Is this what goes through your head when you think about your next trip?

“The runway is too short”

“In flight an engine fails”

“I won’t fly in strong windy conditions and bad weather”

“The onboard technology fails in flight”

“Severe turbulence poses a danger to the aircraft”

“A fire breaks out in the cabin or in the cargo hold”

“The remaining amount of fuel is insufficient for the rest of the flight”

“Planes might collide mid-air”

“Noises during the flight indicate something dangerous”

Do you recognize these thoughts? Then you obviously suffer from a fear of flying. Fighting this fear is easier than you think. Often it’s purely based on a lack of knowledge of today’s technology. Make the change during a face to face coaching and ask a pilot all those questions that you might not ask in a group seminar.

  • «Fighting the fear of flying is easier than you think!»


You are absolutely free in designing your personal coaching schedule. In a one to one seminar that is tailored to your personal needs, I will work together with you to strengthen your knowledge of aviation so that fear no longer has a chance to develop. I’ll explain everything you need to know from the theory of flight, the safety systems, crew training, aircraft maintenance, weather phenomena, and finally the sounds encountered during the flight. I will answer all your questions and concerns point by point. Relaxation exercises, which aid in eliminating the fear of these thoughts, round off this coaching.

Don’t worry: the aviation theory, which is considered to be very complex, is explained and accompanied by images and video material in such a way that you can easily understand everything.

An individual coaching is suitable for children from the age of 10 accompanied by a parent.

In addition to these offers, individual therapy sessions with psychologist Dr. Bettina Schindler can be arranged. We have been successfully working together in the field of aviophobia for years and the combination of technical knowledge and psychological support is an optimal way towards fear-free flying. Further information and contact options can be found at fit-to-fly.ch.

  • «So that you can look forward to the next flight!»

About me

The fascination of flying has accompanied me for my entire life. In 2001 I joined Swissair Flight School during the grounding of Swissair. This was then followed by exciting years employed as a First Officer abroad, until my way brought me back to Switzerland in 2007. Since then I have been flying as Captain and Instructor on the Airbus A320 and A340 for Edelweiss Air based in Zurich.

For more than 10 years I have been conducting coachings against the fear of flying, because phobias are not innate – they were trained and everything you have learned can also be reversed if you are given the appropriate explanations in a comprehensible manner.

A broad customer base, from the successful businessman to the grandmother who loves to travel, testifies my success. I look forward to overcoming your fear of flying with you.

It’s simpler than you think!

Tom Schneider

Coach and Airline Pilot

  • «Fear of flying is often based on ignorance of today's technology!»

«My fear of flying has gone. Thank you for your detailed explanations.»

Angela W.

«I’ve flown twice since I’ve attended your coaching and it was great. It was really great to fly! Since then I’ve never been scared of it and I was even able to really relax. Your coaching brought me a lot.»

Silvana N.

«After 35 years, you opened the door to the world for me with your coaching! Many Thanks.»

Beat W.

«I had three flights after the coaching and literally never felt a trace of fear. Thank you for this healing.»

Simon G.

«I would like to thank you again for the extensive coaching, it really helped me a lot.»

Aisha A.

«I was able to enjoy my flights with all my senses! It was just relaxing and a huge gain in quality of life.»

Ariette S.

«Many thanks for your help. You gave me back flying. I’m infinitely happy about it. I am looking forward to my flight to New York with great pleasure»

Seraina Z.

«When I joined your coaching in May, I couldn’t imagine the relaxation and determination I feel today, but you were right! The flights were great and I did it»

Noël S.

«We had a wonderful holiday and my daughter was completely relaxed during the many hours of flying, including several take-offs and landings»

Monya T.

«When I first looked out the window of an airplane and saw the stars at night, I thought of you. You made this possible for me and I would like to thank you very much for that. You opened door to the world for me»

Fabian N.